Annie McHugh PI

- The wild adventures and exploits of a female private investigator -

Annie McHugh is 5′ 6″, seriously pretty, and despite a ravenous appetite for cream cakes, is a perfect size 10. Well …12…ish.

She runs a private investigation agency with her delectable partner Gerry who has an ex-wife and kids living in Arizona.

Annie first met Gerry when she hired him to trace her family after she discovered that her gentle, law-abiding (and short) parents had not even been related to her. They had criminally forged her birth certificate to keep her true identity secret.

Now, Annie and Gerry run the Dublin-based private investigation agency together, as partners.

But while Annie is constantly trying to keep the business and her personal relationships from breaking-up, Gerry is regularly absent (or en-route to Arizona).



“Fast paced and funny.  I couldn’t help becoming addicted to this slightly daft PI and her unusual approach to investigating…” - Irish Mail on Sunday

“Delightful. Private detective Annie McHugh, and her wild exploits and mistakes will have people laughing out loud…” – Irish Examiner

“Easy style, snazzy plot twists and wicked humour…” – Daily Record

“A hilarious romantic comedy…” – Best

“Quirky plot twists, interesting characters and some hilarious situations…” – RTE Guide

“Fans of private detective agency boss Annie McHugh will be thrilled that her new adventure is out…” – Bella


Friends & Lovers

(Annie McHugh PI Series: Book 3) When a long-distance phone call summons private investigator Annie McHugh’s lover and business partner, Gerry, across the Atlantic, Annie’s left in charge. She’s been looking forward to being in the hot-seat for so long but it seems as if someone doesn’t want her to succeed... Read more...»

A Perfect Partnership

(Annie McHugh PI Series: Book 2) Annie McHugh should be happy. She’s 5′ 6′, seriously pretty, and despite a ravenous appetite for cream cakes, is a perfect size 10. Well -12-ish... She also runs a detective agency with her delectable partner Gerry. But Annie has a secret. She longs to handle an investigation... Read more....»

Annie's New Life

(Annie McHugh PI Series: Book 1) After thirty years of being Annie McHugh, Annie discovers that she is, in fact, someone else. Her beloved and hugely respectable parents forged her birth certificate. She hires Gerry, a private detective with a strong look of George Clooney, to trace down her real mother... Read more...»
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