Irish writer and novelist

Maureen Martella

Maureen Martella’s novels include: Maddy Goes to Hollywood; Annie’s New Life; A Perfect Partnership; and Friends & Lovers. They have been translated from English to German, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, and Latvian.

Maureen was born in Dublin, Ireland, one of six sisters, and an afterthought brother. Her mother ran the family shop as if it were the Bank of England, and so had little time to keep an eye on her wayward children.

Her hero-worshiped father dealt so well with the loss of an arm in a hunting accident, that the young Maureen felt sorry for any child whose father was unfortunate enough to be burdened with two arms.

As a small child she was a voracious reader struggling through every forbidden book on her father’s bookshelves. Beginning with Tolstoy she worked her way through John Steinbeck, Joseph Conrad, and Aldous Huxley, before falling for Zane Grey westerns (picturing herself as the fearless cowboy riding the range in search of Justice).

Terrified that she was nurturing a changeling, her mother was reluctant to let her apply for university, in case she went totally to the bad. Fate intervened anyway. And all hope of further education was dashed when Maureen became seriously ill at sixteen. She was hospitalised for one year, eight weeks, and three days (but to this day she insists that she wasn’t really counting!).

Discharged at last, she ran wild – in keeping with her raging hormones. Finding Ireland increasingly stifling, she began to travel. Searching for excitement, she found an Italian lover. They married in London and returned to Ireland with their first child. They had two more children and adopted an African/Irish child, with bad sinuses and a smile to die for.

Maureen continued to travel whenever possible – Europe, North America, Africa, Cuba, and Jamaica, and then fell head over heels for New York. So, she packed and carefully labelled everything, including the kids, but somewhere took a wrong turning and ended up in Bel-Air where she got a job as an assistant to a mortician (it’s a long story!).

Back to Ireland again. She began writing short newspaper articles. Then humorous verse for Radio. Then plays. And eventually novels.

She now divides her time between her home in rural Ireland (where she lives and writes with her white German Shepherd, Jessie, who barks in two languages) and her beach apartment on the Adriatic Coast of Italy.

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