Friends and Lovers

Friends and Lovers cover

(Annie McHugh PI Series: Book 3) When a long-distance phone call summons private investigator Annie McHugh’s lover and business partner, Gerry, across the Atlantic Annie’s left in charge. She’s been looking forward to being in the hot-seat for so long but it seems as if someone doesn’t want her to succeed… Read more

A Perfect Partnership

A Perfect Partnership cover

(Annie McHugh PI Series: Book 2) Annie McHugh should be happy. She’s 5′ 6′, seriously pretty, and despite a ravenous appetite for cream cakes, is a perfect size 10. Well -12-ish…She also runs a detective agency with her delectable partner Gerry. But Annie has a secret. She longs to handle an investigation… Read more

Annie's New Life

Annie's New Life cover

(Annie McHugh PI Series: Book 1) After thirty years of being Annie McHugh, Annie discovers that she is, in fact, someone else. Her beloved and hugely respectable parents forged her birth certificate.  She hires Gerry, a private detective with a strong look of George Clooney, to trace down her real mother… Read more

Maddy Goes to Hollywood

Maddy Goes to Hollywood cover

At thirty-three, Maddy O’Toole is stranded on Cold Comfort Farm, deep in rural Ireland, with a monosyllabic husband, two children and her mother. The only bright spot in her day is the American television soap she’s addicted to. Then, she discovers that her long-lost sister Gloria is living in Hollywood… Read more

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